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Ventspils 4.vidusskolā

Challenges of Globalization for National Identity and European Integration


01.09.2017. – 31.08.2019.


Projektu līdzfinansē Eiropas Savienība

Through our project “The Challenges of Globalization for National Identities and European Integration” we want to improve the students´ awareness about the social and political situations in the participating countries in order to increase their knowledge about e.g. refugees, radicalization and populism. We work against racism and social inclusion and for communality. Learning from other cultures and respecting all others are among the top priorities during the project. Multilingualism and understanding the benefits of it in a modern school and world are the main items.

Project schools with links:

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1-st meeting 07.–13.  October 2017  in Tampere/Finland. 

Title: Past, present and language of immigration and emigration


Our homework:


2-nd meeting 22.–28. April 2018 in Neustrelitz/Germany. 

Title: Refugees in the past and the present – solutions for the future


Our homework:


3-rd meeting 09.–15. September 2018 in Ventspils/Latvia.

Title: Understanding through Communication

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4-th meeting 05.–11. May 2019 in Støvring/Denmark.

Title: Political movements in Europe, that challenges European unity