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Images of young people in the future Europe


01.09.2014. – 31.08.2016.

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Projektu līdzfinansē Eiropas Savienība


All participating schools aim at preparing their students for study and a new phase in life. This phase of transition is marked by a lot of problems as it is closely linked with changes of identity,  behavour and finding oneself. In this project this process shall be prepared and supported. In order to overcome problems in this period of life we want to explore what ressources  each student as an individual has and how they can use them for a successful future life.

So we want to take the strategic aims according to ET 2020 up and enable our students to lifelong learning and mobility.

Project schools with links:


1-st meeting 8.–12. Dec. 2014 in Szczecin/Poland. Title: Identity.   VIDEO

The students explore the question of identity at different levels: personal (family roots), local, national and European. The main task for the participating students is to examine their perceptions of their European identity by finding answers to the questions: In what ways does investigating your family history help you to understand your own identity? Are there aspects of your identity which could be said to be European?

erasmus_Polija erasmus_Polija2

2-nd meeting 8.–14. Mart 2015 in Orange/France. Title: Tolerance.    VIDEO

After having worked on identity, they will now work on tolerating differences.
Preparation: each group at home has to find out about existing minorities in their own schools, communities, countries and evaluate the acceptance of minorities from different perspectives (by themselves, in school, by local politicians and people, etc.). As examples of minorities the students may refer to migrants, people who are minorities because of different reasons (sexual, religious, physically/ mentally handicapped etc.) The first activity is a lecture on tolerance. Other activities included: Creating a thought provoking questionnaire; Brainstorming activities, workshops, debates-giving pre-assigned attitudes to different teams and varied subjects.


3-rd meeting 11.–17. April 2015  in Tampere/Finland. Title: Creativity.    VIDEO

We concentrate on democracy from the perspective of arts (music, literature, theatre, etc.). What do young people think about democracy; how is it reflected in arts and music. The students work in international groups in different workshops (which the students choose according to their strengths) aiming to express themselves as young people in their own country as well as in Europe. The products can be music, poems, dances, essays, photos, etc. Together they will create and perform a song of the project. At the end of this meeting and as a result of the evaluation the participants will prepare an interim report.

IMG-20150416-WA0003 IMG-20150416-WA0004

4-th meeting 11.–17. Sept. 2015  in Neustrelitz/Germany. Title: Effektiveness through Mobility.   VIDEO

Preparation: presentation of the students’ vision of their future career
Presentation of the possibilities of lifelong learning at school, study and work abroad, necessary requirements, support through promotion programmes e.g. at the example of Erasmus+, use of ICT; Talks with alumni or students who experienced a year abroad (school or study) and /or foreign young people who work or study in Germany
Outcome: a brochure with hints and advice for young people

20150831_101512 20150904_142913(0)

Vācijas skolas atskats http://www.carolinum.de/article.php?id=305

5-th meeting 08.–14. Nov 2015  in Ventspils/Latvia. Title: Innovation

Preparation: find out what innovation means, presentation of one innovative enterprise of the own region
workshop/ discussion to find a common understanding of innovation until 2020
different activities at High Technology park with “business incubator” and Demo-center ( stress the importance of the own mind for founding a business)
lecture with workshop on ”Rebirth of Latvian traditional crafts and trade, national companies”, especially with the support of the EU
visit of an innovative company, including a discussion with a young entrepreneur, e.g. DendroLight Latvia (2008) – the leading solid wood cellular material producer. (acknowledged manufacturer in the world by developing innovative and high added value product materials of good quality)









6-th meeting 06.–12. Mart  2016  in Cuneo/Italy. Title: Democracy   VIDEO

Preparation: presentation of the political system of the single states
Objectives: reflect on the themes of active participation, democracy, the role of law and promoting integration, comparison between the 6 countries participating in the project
Conference with members of youth organisations to find out how young people show social activity and take responsibility to contribute to the development of society
Final discussion on the different aspects of the project, conclusion on common guidelines of the understanding of democracy and being an active citizen in the process of forming our society



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