Mācāmies citādāk

Ventspils 4.vidusskolā

Living Environment – sustainable life in European regions

Living Environment – sustainable life in European regions


01.09.2019. – 31.12.2021.

Nr. ​​2019-1-FI01-KA229-060777

Project schools:

sk3    lejupielāde sk2      sk1       gfhdhgf (3)

The project “Living Environment” focuses on sustainable life in different European regions. We increase the students’ awareness on sustainability and develop their ability to see the connection between ecological, cultural and social environment. Moreover, the students will study the connection between good, sustainable life and the environment.
We consider it most important to help the students to see the environment as a source for welfare and wellbeing. When we are aware of the connection between sustainable, good life and our immediate surroundings, we can create more sustainable conditions in the future.

1-st meeting  in Cuneo/Italy.

Human Geography in a Cultural Environment

2-nd meeting in Ventspils/Latvia. 

Personality development in nature

3-rd meeting in Neustrelitz/Germany.

Life with inland lakes

4-th meeting in Tampere/Finland.

Forests as a source for sustainable society and well-being

5-th meeting in Tampere/Finland.

Sounds, stories and space

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