Mācāmies citādāk

Ventspils 4.vidusskolā

ETs on the Move III

The project ”ETs on the Move III” aimed to raise the awareness of cultural diversity and sensitivity towards different cultures and promoted understanding among young people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The project partners were institutions from the Netherlands, Turkey and Hungary focusing on traditional culture. The project lasted for 10 months (305 days) and the exchange was held in Ventspils, Latvia between 5th and 12th April 2014

The participants were ten young people aged 15 -18 from each partner organization and two group leaders, altogether 48 people.

The project received European financial grant 21940.00 Euro


The main activity of the week was a concert prepared by the participants where they together presented their cultural heritage through the music, song and dance.

The groups shared their findings in the field of culture and traditions. Different research techniques were employed to conduct surveys and the results of these surveys were presented to the other groups during the exchange. The activities encouraged young people to explore their own identity and those participants they interacted with and to understand challenges of bringing youngsters from different cultural backgrounds together. The activities also included sharing cultural experiences and mutual understanding with Dutch, Latvian, Hungarian and Turkish peers. This project gave all those young people the opportunity to experience the advantages of meeting with others from countries they might not find the opportunity to travel themselves. On top of that, the project setting provided a natural and rich environment for improving both English language and social skills.

Such methods as group work, discussions and reflection, games and role plays, the local community and the environment as educational tools were used.



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